Article: 4 Key Insights Into The Clear + Brilliant® Anti-aging Laser

4 Key Insights Into The Clear + Brilliant® Anti-aging Laser

4 Key Insights Into The Clear + Brilliant® Anti-aging Laser

Fact, no two skin types are alike. But, every skin type deserves the same degree of care and maintenance. Aging can affect our appearance, leading to hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and deep wrinkles. To combat this, you need an aesthetic treatment that not only delivers results but does so gently. Introducing the Clear + Brilliant laser system.
Far from surgery, this laser is entirely non-invasive, easy on the skin, and ideal for helping you retain your radiant glow. There’s, of course, more to it, and we’re here to give you all the information you need about Clear + Brilliant®. Below are four insights to get you started and our contact info to schedule your consultation at our Upper East Side office.

Clear + Brilliant® Uses Safe and Effective Diode Technology

You likely imagine something from a science fiction movie when you think of lasers. But, the truth is that most aesthetic lasers feature handpieces that use short beams to address skin issues. Clear + Brilliant® is no exception. However, while some lasers use aggressive beams, this laser system uses advanced diode laser technology.

According to a 2015 study, diode lasers are among the safest and most efficient in aesthetic laser treatments. In fact, along with delivering results with little downtime, systems like Clear + Brilliant® boast an impressive 98% satisfaction rate among patients. This is after several months of skin improvements following their treatment course.

These Laser Treatments Are Well Tolerated

It’s normal to feel nervous despite the safety of the system. There’s an expectation of discomfort – maybe even pain. However, the good news with Clear + Brilliant® is that it is a gentle system. During your treatment, you can expect a feeling of heat and not much else.

Part of this is due to the laser itself; the rest is due to our JTAV Clinical Skincare team. We take the time to discuss the treatment before the application to ensure that you feel comfortable. The skin is also numbed before the session, minimizing any discomfort you may experience.

This Treatment Delivers Beautiful and Consistent Results

Clear + Brilliant® doesn’t cover a wide treatment area, but that doesn’t mean your results will be uneven. The device’s Optical Tracking® technology senses hand motion and maps treatment patterns. This ensures that our team maintains uniform delivery of the laser around the treatment area.

As for results, they’re both immediate and progressive. On average, patients can experience softer, brighter-looking skin in just 1-2 days after their visit! These results improve over several months and can be maintained with follow-up sessions or skincare treatments. That brings us to our last point.

Clear + Brilliant® Can Be Done Alone or As Part of a Combination

We love our combinations here at JTAV Clinical Skincare. While Clear + Brilliant® is a solid treatment on its own, it can be safely combined with our other options. This is because the laser causes little if any downtime and doesn’t take a toll on your skin.

Clear + Brilliant® can be paired with BOTOX® Cosmetic or skincare options.

Here at JTAV Clinical Skincare, we carry our signature brand and popular brands like SkinCeuticals® and skinbetter science®. Get in touch today to explore everything we have to offer!

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