Providing the most advanced aesthetic treatments and procedures, Joie Tavernise and her team of experts will pamper you with luxurious beautification. Joie also offers the highest-quality skincare products in our online shop.

14 Best LED Face Masks of 2024

"The latest LED mask to cross my desk, this pick from NYC-facialist Joie Tavernise checks all the right boxes. It's easy to use (thanks to the lightweight, wireless design), feels comfy on my face and doesn't dig into the skin around my eyes or nose, and emits tried-and-true red and blue LED lights to stimulate collagen production, minimize inflammation, and help prevent acne."

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"I have been going to Joie for 10 years and when I first started seeing her I had cystic acne all over my face. It was at its absolute worst. She never made me feel bad about my skin, which is so important because in the past estheticians shamed me for my acne."

Melissa Wood
Melissa Wood Health

"JTAV Clinical skincare is my #1 trusted go-to for all my (and my clients’) skincare needs."

Laura J Soloman
Fashion Stylist/Personal Shopper

"I spent my whole life having ‘good’ skin. Never really thinking about it but never really having issues with it either. That all changed when I went to Joie for the first time."

Claire Distenfeld
Owner, Five Story

" Joie is the best in the business and my visits to JTAV are a gift I give myself every month. Self-care is the most important care and Joie’s care is like no other."

Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD
CEO, Founder F-Factor

"Please do something good for yourself and your skin and book an appointment with JTAV. I promise you will not regret it. JTAV is my fountain of youth."

Natasha Bhatia