clinical skincare services offered by JTAV in new york

Joie Tavernise founded JTAV Clinical Skincare with a simple belief: No two faces are exactly alike; therefore no two treatments are exactly alike. Although she is trained in the most advanced aesthetic treatments and procedures, this basic principle has guided her to create a signature experience for every client—one that unites modern technologies with traditional approaches, and incorporates a whole body/whole life perspective. Joie has an eye for what makes every client agelessly beautiful, and her bespoke treatments cater to each client’s unique needs.

Joie is a firm believer that whether you’re a man or woman, caring for skin is not one size fits all. A technique or routine that works for one person may not work well for another’s skin. Joie’s customized, sometimes “less-is-more” approach begins with an intimate analysis of skin composition, lifestyle and treatment goals. Joie and her team then develop a treatment plan centered on both leading edge non-invasive…

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“I am a client of JTAV for treatments, peels and hydrafacials. I saw results instantaneously and was left glowing after my first visit. I have people stop me on the street and admire how beautiful my skin is. I owe all this to JTAV. 5 stars doesn’t do them justice. Joie is talented, charismatic, loving, caring and genuine. She isn’t out there to take your money like other med spas I’ve been to. You don’t just look young and beautiful, you feel it by the end of your session. Please do something good for yourself and your skin and book an appointment with JTAV. I promise you will not regret it. JTAV is my fountain of youth.”

“I spent my whole life having ‘good’ skin. Never really thinking about it but never really having issues with it either. That all changed when I went to Joie for the first time. Within days, people started to comment on my skin, and by my third appointment I went from my skin being good to my skin being great! Beyond great actually! I would say that Withhout fail I get several compliments a week on its brightness, tightness and smooth nature and I owe it all to Joie!”

“Being a runner, I’ve always taken care of myself with exercise and eating right, but this has been the added boost to make me feel fabulous, I always leave feeling very uplifted.”


“JTAV Clinical skincare is my #1 trusted go-to for all my (and my clients’) skincare needs. Whether I need to be glowing for an event or need a brightening treatment in the winter months, Joie and her team have the best new technology as well as industry knowledge that sets them apart from anyone else in the business. I have incredibly high standards for not only myself, but for all of my clients… and Joie, her spa and her team exceed them every time. Joie & her team are fabulous both inside and out!”

LAUREN J. SOLOMON, Fashion Stylist / Personal Shopper
Being a model and performing my music on stage it is crucial for me to be a presence of beauty both inside and out. Everyone knows how demanding and judgmental the profession that has chosen me can be. Experiencing JTAV continues to so humbly bring out the best of my outward appearance that connects to the joy I have inside. I am then able to reciprocate and give that beauty and inspirationto my audience and the world.
Thank you JTAV.
JAMILA, Fashion Stylist / Personal Shopper