Article: 3 Must-try Skin Tightening Solutions

3 Must-try Skin Tightening Solutions

3 Must-try Skin Tightening Solutions


This just in – Facelifts are NOT the only skin tightening option! Though we often associate tighter skin with a scalpel, the use of non-invasive technology has progressed so much that you can now get the results you want without surgery or downtime. Here at JTAV Clinical Skincare, we offer several options for giving you the tight, beautiful skin you want quickly and easily.

We harness the power of ultrasound and radiofrequency devices to stimulate collagen and give you the tight, wrinkle-free look you want. Best of all, our treatments require little, if any, downtime after a procedure. Below are three of our most popular options and what they can offer you. To learn more, get in touch with our Upper East Side office today!

How Does Sagging Skin Develop Anyway?

Sagging skin is a natural phenomenon; there’s little we can do to prevent it altogether. As we age, our bodies produce less elastin and collagen – the two vital components that keep our skin tight and resilient. The fewer of these we have in our system, the more our skin droops and our wrinkles deepen.

Certain medical-grade skincare products can help stave off these aging effects (many are available here at our office), but for a truly transformative experience, professional aesthetic care is the way to go. That leads us to our non-invasive treatment options – let’s get started!

Ultherapy® Skin Tightening

We’ve mentioned it already, but we can’t stress enough how important collagen is for keeping your skin tight. This essential protein is really at the heart of youth. That’s what makes Ultherapy® Skin Tightening such an effective treatment – it focuses on collagen stimulation.

This device uses micro-focused ultrasound waves to help your body generate new collagen growth. The best part of this treatment is that it only takes one session to see results! After your visit, you can expect tighter, more youthful skin over the course of 2-6 months. There’s no downtime needed either, so you can get right back to your day after your visit.

NuEra® Skin Tightening

Maybe radiofrequency is more your thing? The difference between ultrasound and radiofrequency energy is that the latter heats your skin to a lesser degree. Instead of stimulating collagen by damaging fibers, RF energy contracts the fibers, making the treatment more gentle on your body. This makes NuEra® Skin Tightening a great alternative if your body is sensitive to more aggressive treatments.

Like with Ultherapy®, treatments with NuEra® don’t require any downtime. If the idea of redefining, reviving, and uplifting your skin sounds good, this device may be your ideal option! NuEra® works on several body parts and even offers benefits beyond skin tightening.

Sofwave™ Brow and Neck Lifting

Do you struggle with sagging skin in specific areas? One of the most common issues we deal with is submental sagging – or skin sagging under the chin. Luckily, we have one of the best treatments for addressing this issue at our Upper East Side office. It’s called Sofwave™, and it uses high-intensity fractional ultrasound to tighten the skin in specific areas of your choosing.

The unique technology used by this device is called Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB™. What sets it apart is that it keeps you comfortable while generating the heat needed to tighten your skin. This system can reduce a double chin, tighten the brow, lift the skin on your face and neck, and much more! Like with our other options, no downtime is needed after your Sofwave™ treatment.

Ready for a Skin Tightening Session?

These and other skin tightening options await here at JTAV Clinical Skincare! Our Upper East Side office provides patients with the latest aesthetic options to help them look and feel their absolute best.

We invite you to schedule your consultation today if you want more information or are eager to start. Connect with our JTAV Clinical Skincare team by calling (212) 755-1155 or clicking the ‘BOOK NOW’ button below!

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