Vivace Ultra™ RF Microneedling

What Is Vivace Ultra™?

The latest microneedling device has arrived at JTAV Clinical Skincare! Vivace Ultra™ combines two unique technologies into one personalized treatment, offering industry-first ultrasound visualization with unmatched precision. Using the new ultrasound handpiece, we are able to see beneath the surface of the skin to determine exact skin depth, allowing us to tailor your treatment and to ensure optimal results. Schedule your appointment at our Upper East Side office in NYC to learn more about what Vivace Ultra™ can do for you.


How Vivace Ultra™ Works

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During Vivace Ultra™, ultrasound imaging is used to map the skin and completely customize the experience, while microneedles are used to create microchannels in the skin, which stimulates collagen production and enhances product absorption. The radiofrequency energy then heats up the deeper layers of the skin, promoting even more collagen production and skin tightening.

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Am I a Candidate?

This advanced microneedling device works on virtually any skin type, no matter the texture or pigmentation. That said, a consultation is needed to determine whether Vivace Ultra™ is the best option for treating your skin concern. 

How Does This Treatment Work?

Vivace Ultra™ uses linear array ultrasound technology to visually map the surface of your skin. With the treatment area mapped, the device’s handpiece glides against the area, creating micro-punctures in the skin. This process is accompanied by releasing radiofrequency energy deep into the dermis. These two processes stimulate collagen production and help your body improve over time.

How Long Do Vivace Ultra™ Results Last?

Several sessions may be needed to give you the best results. At the end of your treatment protocol, you will notice an improvement in your skin’s tone, texture, and youth. These results can last several months, but their duration will vary depending on the issue addressed. The good news is that follow-up treatments can be scheduled to maintain your skin’s beauty for the long haul.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Tightens the skin
  • Alleviates fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decreases pore size
  • Smooths acne scars
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Immediate results that build over 4-6 weeks
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Vivace Ultra™ Treatments in NYC

Improve the appearance and texture of your skin with our advanced Vivace Ultra™ system! Get in touch with our team at JTAV Clinical Skincare to learn more about this system now by calling (212) 755-1155 or clicking the ‘BOOK NOW’ button below to book your Upper East Side consultation.


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