Smoothing Body Peel

What Is the Smoothing Body Peel?

Is your skin looking less than fabulous? The appearance of dull, discolored skin can be troubling, especially to those of us who take extra steps to look our best. While relying on over-the-counter creams and serums may provide some benefits, the truth is that nothing can really come close to a professional service. At JTAV Clinical Skincare, we’re proud to offer the professional care you need to improve your skin tone and texture. Our Smoothing Body Peel is an exceptional treatment  formulated with potent, safe ingredients that target melanin to smoothen and brighten skin.


What Does the JTAV Smoothing Body Peel Do?

The Smoothing Body Peel is a special skin peel blend that features a combination of TCA, lactic acid, and salicylic acid. Combined, these chemical peel solutions work twice as hard to induce exfoliation and promote dramatic changes in your skin’s appearance and texture. While traditional chemical peels are generally only used on the face, the Smooting Body Peel is an excellent choice for tackling discoloration, acne, and other skin concerns all over the body.

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Am I a Candidate?

If you are struggling with persistent skin concerns that seem to resist all efforts, this treatment may be a great choice for you. The Smoothing Body Peel can effectively treat rough, dehydrated, sun-damaged skin and acne breakouts on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands, and feet. A soothing body peel at JTAV on the Upper East Side will help you and your skin feel brand new.

How Does the Peel Work?

Depending on the intensity of your Smoothing Body Peel, a reaction similar to sunburn may occur after the application process. This is accompanied by redness and scaling that ends within 3-7 days. The peel offered at JTAV usually takes approximately 15-20 minutes to apply. These peels serve as a great introduction procedure for most patients because they help almost all skin problems and benefits all skin types.

What Results Can I Expect?

Though treatment recovery is usually rapid, after your body peel, you may experience redness, dryness, itching, or irritation as well as swelling, tightness, peeling, or scabbing. Within 2-3 days, the skin may flake or tan as the outermost surface peels off to reveal radiant, new skin. Temporarily, you may notice pronounced discoloration or age spots as they rise to the surface before getting sloughed away.


The Smoothing Body Peel delivers unbelievable results. Schedule today to experience smoother, clearer skin.

JTAV Smoothing Body Peel Treatments in NYC

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