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IPL Décolleté

What Is IPL Décolleté?

So much effort is spent on the appearance of our facial skin that other parts of our bodies tend to get neglected. The décolleté, that delicate area encompassing the neckline and chest is especially vulnerable to sun damage and premature aging. Here at JTAV Clinical Skincare, we offer effective IPL Décolleté treatment for addressing these issues. This photorejuvenation system is the safest light therapy available for the décolleté or aging neckline. If you are struggling to find an answer for your aging skin woes, this amazing treatment option might be just what you’re looking for.


What Does IPL Décolleté Address?

Our IPL Décolleté treatment system is designed to improve the appearance of aging and reduce age spots. Additionally, redness, irritation, wrinkles, and rough patches can all be treated using the IPL photorejuvenation method. The most impressive aspect of this treatment option is that it does not require any pre-treatment preparation or post-treatment downtime.

Older woman with great skin

Am I a Candidate?

If you have signs of aging on the décolletage or neckline, this may be the perfect treatment for a more youthful look. When you come in for your visit to our Upper East Side medspa, our team will spend some time getting to know you and your concerns. After a thorough evaluation, we will help you determine if this is the best treatment option for your needs. If not, we are happy to offer a range of alternative methods.

How Does This Treatment Work?

IPL treatments of the décolleté or neckline are very tolerable. During the session, you will be asked to lie down and relax while the laser system does all the work. Our team will target specific areas with the laser system and reduce abnormalities gradually. There is no downtime following the treatment, but some redness or darkening of the skin may be visible.

How Long Do IPL Décolleté Results Last?

Following your treatment, there will be a darkening of the brown spots at first and they will fade within 7-10 days. You will need a series of three photo rejuvenation or IPL treatments spaced a month to six weeks apart. You will see some improvement after the first treatment, but the best results will be seen with at least three treatments.

JTAV IPL Décolleté Neckline Photorejuvenation in NYC

Don’t neglect your décolleté! Ease the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and more around your neckline today. Get in touch with our team at JTAV Clinical Skincare now by calling (212) 755-1155 or click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button below to book your Upper East Side consultation.


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