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What Is a JTAV Hand Peel?

Hands are arguably the most important, yet most commonly neglected parts of our bodies. The constant exposure and work our hands undergo can take its toll over time. Especially as we age, our hands can begin to develop dull skin, brown spots, and dryness. The JTAV Hand Peel is a treatment designed to pamper and beautify your hands. During this treatment, acid is put on the hands to lift away dead cells. When that topmost layer is shed, the living cells below multiply and move up, increasing collagen production and creating hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin look younger. The result is smoother skin that’s both radiant and receptive to your skin care products.


How Can a Hand Peel Help Me?

Harsh environmental elements and frequent sun exposure can take a significant toll on the beauty of your hands, leading to premature aging. If your hands show premature signs of aging, such as dull skin, thin skin, freckles, and dark spots, crepe-like appearance, or fine lines, a JTAV Hand Peel can help. This simple procedure can refresh and rejuvenate the skin on your hands without the need for downtime.

Am I a Candidate?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your hands, our Hand Peel treatment may be just what you’re looking for. These treatments are completely non-invasive and utilize a multi-step process that is effective for just about everyone. However, when you arrive for your appointment we will still take the time to evaluate your health and needs before commencing treatment.

Hand treatments at JTAV

How Does This Treatment Work?

The Hand Peel treatment itself is performed without discomfort or post-treatment downtime. The formula involved can be applied in as little as 10 minutes. Following the treatment, the skin will be immediately brightened and slight flaking may occur over the course of the next few days. For the best Hand Peel on the Upper East Side, visit JTAV Clinical Skincare.

How Long Do Hand Peel Results Last?

Several treatment sessions may be required for optimal results. However, you should notice an improvement in the appearance of your hands after each session. The best part of this simple procedure is that it doesn’t require any downtime. Following your visit, you can return to your regular routine.

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JTAV Anti-aging Hand Peel Treatments in NYC

Rejuvenating the appearance of your hands is easily done with a professional team by your side. Get in touch with our team at JTAV Clinical Skincare now by calling (212) 755-1155 or click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button below to book your Upper East Side consultation.


*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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