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This MBR kit is excellent for travel and for this time of year. It contains three products – a Beta Enzyme, Tissue Activator Serum, and Skin Sealer Protection Shield. It retails for $238 which is a big savings for these products, normally alone they cost $122 – $178 each.

The Tissue Activator serum is very hydrating for the skin and also Stimulates tissue formation and generation of collagen fibers, Promotes adhesion of collagen fibers and maintains collagen balance, Reduces dark shadows, especially around the eyes, mouth and chin, Improves elasticity, and Defines and lifts contours.

The Skin Sealer Protection Shield is an excellent moisturizer that also protects from the elements. It also Activates stem cells and skin’s own regeneration process, Protects and rebuilds lipid barrier, Promotes elasticity, Stimulates collagen production, Moisturizes deeply with a light, silky feel, Smoothes and softens skin’s surface structure.

This kit is a great treatment when used all together, or also great separate as well.

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