Can I get a facial if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?2019-02-25T14:36:06-04:00

Yes, we offer Pregnancy Facials that are specifically designed to avoid products and modalities that should not be used during pregnancy. As with our Custom Treatments, each Pregnancy Facial is still completely customized to your skin and results-driven.

Do you offer gift cards?2019-02-25T15:02:22-04:00

Yes, we have gift cards available that can be picked up or shipped, and e-gift certificates that can be sent via email. Please note that gift cards expire one year after purchase.

Do you offer injectables?2019-02-25T15:02:00-04:00

Yes, Dr. Wise, our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, performs injections and consultations office once a month and is available by appointment only.

Do you provide consultations?2019-02-25T14:51:40-04:00

Yes, we provide complimentary consultations via appointment. Generally, your first appointment is booked including a 15-minute consultation so that you will have time prior to starting your treatment to talk about your skin and the issues you’re looking to address through treatment, without taking away from your 1 hour treatment time.

Does my package expire?2019-02-25T14:32:36-04:00

Packages expire one year from date of purchase and are non-transferrable.

How does your pricing work? Is gratuity included?2019-02-25T14:33:13-04:00

For questions on pricing of Face & Body Treatments and other Advanced Modalities, please contact our front desk at 212-755-1155. If you have any specific questions regarding pricing, please ask them when you book your appointment. Gratuity is at the discretion of our clients and can be applied on a credit card. Gift certificates do not include gratuity unless specifically noted otherwise.

How long are the facial treatments?2019-02-25T14:53:34-04:00

Our Custom Treatments are booked for 1 hour. The timing of our advanced modalities varies; our front desk and your esthetician can advise on timing over the phone, by email, or at your appointment.

How often should I come in for facial treatments?2019-02-25T14:52:38-04:00

We recommend coming in for Custom Treatments every 4-6 weeks. Timing varies with our advanced modality treatments; our front desk and your esthetician can advise on timing over the phone, by email, or at your appointment.

It is important to know that while one treatment will be beneficial to your skin, you will see more results with regularly scheduled treatments, as each one builds on the next. Consistency is key!

I have sensitive skin – can I still get a facial?2019-02-25T14:34:30-04:00

We see many clients with a wide range of skin concerns, including sensitivity. We take great care to ensure that all allergies are avoided and only products suitable for your skin are used during treatment.

Is it ok to come in with makeup on?2019-02-25T15:01:33-04:00

Yes, it is completely fine to arrive wearing makeup. Your esthetician will remove any makeup and deeply cleanse your skin during your treatment. If you prefer to leave your eye makeup on, please inform your esthetician and they will do so.

What happens if I arrive late for my appointment?2019-02-25T14:29:21-04:00

We ask that you arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, and 10 minutes if it is your first appointment.

Please note that treatments must end on time, regardless of their start time. If you arrive later, we will not be able to provide the entire length of the scheduled appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?2019-02-25T14:27:17-04:00

We kindly ask for notice of cancellation at least 24-hours prior to your appointment. In the event you are unable to give 24-hour notice, your card will be charged a late-cancellation fee of $100. Clients who miss their appointments without giving any prior notification will be charged in full for the scheduled service.

All services require a credit card to secure a reservation. You will not be billed prior to your appointment unless there is a cancellation or no show. When you schedule your appointment with us, you are agreeing to these policies – thank you for understanding.

What is your return policy?2019-02-25T15:02:51-04:00

We hope that you will be thrilled with your product purchase – however, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied we are happy to offer merchandise credit within 30 days of purchase. We do not offer refunds on treatments or products.

Who can guide me in planning my treatment regimen?2019-02-25T14:51:13-04:00

Your esthetician will work closely with you to advise on the best treatments and products for your skin. Generally, your first appointment is booked as a consultation and treatment, with 15 minutes prior to starting your treatment to talk about your skin and the issues you’re looking to address through treatment, without taking away from your treatment time.

Will my skin be red after a facial? How much downtime is there?2019-02-25T14:35:39-04:00

After our Custom Treatments, we do not typically see redness in the skin of clients; our goal is for your skin to look fresh and glowing post-treatment. However, for some advanced modalities there may be slight flushing or a pink hue to the skin following a treatment. We will always manage your expectations and inform you if there is downtime associated with a treatment that you need to be aware of.