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Scarring can occur due to a variety of circumstances including accidents, skin conditions like acne, surgical scars, or as a result of certain diseases. When recovering from an injury or skin condition, your skin cells produce collagen at a quicker rate than your body’s natural collagen production in order to repair the wound. This results in a scar, which is an area of skin that is typically thicker and not as flexible as the rest of your skin.

Regardless of how, when, and why your scarring has developed, JTAV Clinical Skincare has options to help you reduce their appearance. Different types of scars require different treatments. Your age, natural skin tone, and how long you have had your scar will also affect the type of treatment to possibly improve it. Our skin experts at JTAV Clinical Skincare have the training and experience to determine what type of scar you have and which specific treatment is recommended.

Some treatment options include:


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