Acne is the most common skin condition: in fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t suffered from it. From whiteheads to cysts, blemishes can be frustrating to deal with. However, they’re nothing to feel ashamed about. Even your favorite celebs and influencers have dealt with acne, and we see it with many of our clients.

AT JTAV our goal is to help you feel confident and beautiful in your skin, and beauty influencer Melissa Wood (@melissawoodhealth) speaks first hand to the upscale, professional treatment we offer. 

Melissa has been open in the past about her struggle with cystic acne, and her poor experiences with other estheticians. Prior to JTAV she had been shamed for her skin and felt self-conscious about having her cystic acne treated.

Quick lesson: cystic acne is the most serious type of acne. As the name suggests it develops when cysts form deep underneath the skin resulting from bacteria, oil, and dry skin cells getting trapped in the pores. Those with naturally oily skin are most prone to it. The condition can be painful, unsightly, and embarrassing with over-the-counter treatments having no impact on the inflamed pustules.

As a public figure, Melissa came to us to help find a solution, and we did. For ten years she’s been coming to our Upper East Side office for facials and treatments, “I always leave JTAV with crazy glowing skin and can’t help feeling better overall from her beautiful energy.” 

At JTAV we treat every patient with warmth, and work to rid patients of any shame or self-conscious feelings they may have. It’s important to have an esthetician that you feel comfortable around, and as we’ve helped Melissa transform her skin, we’ve witnessed first-hand her transformation and growth.

Now she stops in for the latest treatments, and in her own words, “I can honestly say my skin has never looked better 10+ years later.” For a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at some of our work, check out Melissa’s highlighted Instagram Story collection, “Beauty.”

You don’t need to be an influencer to live a healthy life or have beautiful skin. We’re here to help you elevate your confidence and help you shine. If you aren’t convinced yet, check out our testimonials here, and let’s talk about how we can help you reach your glow goals: (212) 755-1155. We’ll be waiting!

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