4 Reasons Why You Need Sunblock Today

Woman putting sunblock on her face

You may not know it, but your skin is under constant stress. As our most outward-facing organ, our skin is the first to come in contact with everything the world has to throw at us. Among the most beneficial and, ironically, the most damaging things your skin can come in contact with is sunlight. That is why sunblock is a must whenever you venture outside.

Having a layer of protection can make a big difference in your skin health. Frequent sun exposure without sunblock can cause dry skin and hyperpigmentation, and can even put you at risk for skin cancer. Here at JTAV Clinical Skincare, we offer several SPF products to help you keep your skin safe. Find out why you need sunblock today and how JTAV Clinical Skincare can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

#1: Sunblock Helps Prevent Sunburn

The primary benefit of applying sunblock is staving off sunburn; this is clear. However, many don’t realize that it takes only 10 minutes of sun exposure for sunburn to occur. Spending longer than that in the sun can cause inflammation that results in redness, peeling, and pain.

The worst part is that you may be sunburnt before you even realize it. The effects of sunburn don’t appear until hours after exposure. Therefore, you can overdo it without even realizing that your skin is already damaged. By applying sunblock before you leave the house, you can remain confident knowing that your skin is protected for several hours.

#2: Sunblock Protects Against Skin Cancer

Skin cancer, in all of its forms, is the most common type of cancer in the United States. The main factor that leads to skin cancer is overexposure to the sun. It is estimated that having several sunburns in your life can dramatically increase your chances of developing melanomas or malignant tumors.

The best way of decreasing your skin cancer risk is to apply sunblock. Sunblock is made of compounds that cause a chemical reaction when exposed to the sun. This reaction transforms UV rays into heat and releases them safely from your skin.

#3: Prevent Aging Signs Like Wrinkles 

Though wrinkles are a natural consequence of aging, they can become more noticeable through sun exposure. This is called “photoaging,” and it occurs when your skin has had so much exposure that it almost looks like leather.

This characteristic leathery appearance comes complete with deep wrinkles, fine lines, and even sagging skin. While the natural aging process can’t be prevented entirely, applying sunscreen regularly has been shown to decrease the progression of aging by as much as 24%.

#4: Sunblock Keeps Your Skin Tone Even

Hyperpigmentation happens when melanin is produced and unevenly distributed through your skin. This can happen when certain areas of your skin get too much exposure to the sun. Hyperpigmentation can be annoying because it often appears in the form of brown spots that can attract unwanted attention.

Sunblock is an easy, inexpensive method of preventing the appearance of brown spots. It is often better to avoid an issue altogether than deal with it after it occurs. Sunblock allows you to avoid skin issues that would otherwise have to be treated with lasers or peels later.

Sunblock Options Available at JTAV Clinical Skincare

At JTAV Clinical Skincare, we offer several sunblock options that range from SPF 45 to SPF 75. For example, our broad-spectrum EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 is fragrance-free and includes hyaluronic acid that refines your skin, clearing pores and reducing shine. We also offer Sunbetter TONE SMART Sunscreen Lotion SPF 75, which provides protection and acts as a primer for makeup.

These and other options can be found here on the Upper East Side. To learn more, get in touch with our team now by calling (212) 755-1155 or clicking the ‘BOOK NOW’ button below to book your Upper East Side consultation.

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