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Joie Tavernise

Joie Tavernise founded JTAV Clinical Skincare with a simple belief: No two faces are exactly alike; therefore, no two treatments are exactly alike. Although she is trained in the most advanced aesthetic treatments and procedures, this basic principle has guided her to create a signature experience for every client—one that unites modern technologies with traditional approaches and incorporates a whole body/whole life perspective. Joie has an eye for what makes every client agelessly beautiful, and her bespoke treatments cater to each client’s unique needs.

Joie is a firm believer that whether you’re a man or woman, caring for skin is not one size fits all. A technique or routine that works for one person may not work well for another’s skin. Joie’s customized, sometimes “less-is-more” approach begins with an intimate analysis of skin composition, lifestyle and treatment goals. Joie and her team then develop a treatment plan centered on both leading-edge non-invasive procedures and time-honored techniques that often get overlooked in today’s future-obsessed climate. Balance and a respect for the traditions of skincare are essential to Joie’s approach.

Joie’s philosophy is that no matter your age or gender, clean skin is the foundation of beautiful skin. That’s why all her services begin with an extraction. While it may be time-consuming, an extraction is a best practice that makes everything else that comes after more effective—from in-clinic treatments to at-home skincare products.

With a service menu that offers everything from Pore Cleansing to Ultherapy and more, it’s clear that the JTAV experience is about lasting results that go further than what you see in the mirror. Joie truly believes that beauty is beyond skin deep.

“When I was starting out, I apprenticed with one of the very first practitioners in the field of aesthetics, and I learned something that’s still true in my work today: it’s not just about making you look great when you leave, it’s about building a relationship that will give you young skin forever.”

Joie is a member of the Society of Plastic Surgery Skincare Specialists; National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations; and Society for Medical & Clinical Hair Removal and has been a practicing esthetician for fifteen years.


Dr. Gilberto Alvarez

We are very excited that as of January 2020, Dr. Gilberto Alvarez will be visiting JTAV Clinical Skincare for consultations and injectables.Dr. Alvarez is a top board-certified dermatologist, with 10 years of experience in the medical and cosmetic dermatology field. When he is not seeing patients for injectables at JTAV Clinical Skincare, he is running a busy and successful practice in Tribeca. Dr. Alvarez manages all types of skin conditions and helps both women and men with a cosmetic regimen to help them achieve their goals of looking great throughout their aging process.

We are now booking appointments for consultations and injectables on Tuesday, January 28th. Please call or email our office and we will be happy to schedule your appointment or answer any questions you may have.


Rachele Facchini

Rachele’s skills and passions match the JTAV balance of excellent thoughtful care combined with the latest technological advancements in the skincare industry. Rachele has been practicing esthetics for over a decade and specializes in non-invasive facial rejuvenation procedures & pairs them with a customized, at-home skincare regimen. Rachele believes this is the foundation for clients to achieve optimal results. Her belief system, which sets her apart, is that ‘anti-aging’ is both outdated as a concept and not possible – instead, she promotes the realistic concept of ‘maturing gracefully.’ Throughout her journey as a compassionate skincare practitioner, she has discovered that balance is the key to amazing happy skin and a healthy happy life.


Mary Scott

As a young child, Mary knew that she was destined for aesthetics! After pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration, Mary shifted her focus to her true passion – skincare. For the past seven years, Mary has added experience to this passion, performing customized facials and non-invasive laser treatments. Prior to joining JTAV, Mary worked closely with a plastic surgeon where she learned how to combine the science of skincare with the aesthetic. When it comes to skincare, Mary is a strong believer in the power of consistency. She has found that clients have the best results when they combine in-office treatments with a regular at-home skincare regimen, which she loves to help clients develop and implement. Mary is also focused on helping clients eliminate “bad skin days” as she believes there is a true confidence that shines through when you have clear and youthful-looking skin.


Bianca Guevera

Blanca joined the JTAV Team in the summer Summer of 2019 as our Front Desk Esthetic Manager. She comes from an extensive background in the wellness and customer relations industry and loves working in a field where she can help people look and feel their best. She is always striving to make your JTAV experience pleasant, easeful and exceptional inside & out. She is also bilingual and speaks both English and Spanish!

Olenka Grigoryeva

Olenka’s journey in the beauty and wellness field started 22 years ago when she began her career working as a makeup artist in her native Europe. During her time as a makeup artist, she noticed that rather than try to cover up acne, fine lines, or dark spots with makeup, it was more effective to help clients understand the cause of their skin conditions and help them find a solution. It was then when Olenka discovered her true passion in esthetics and she began educating herself on various skincare products and ingredients. After moving to the United States from Europe, Olenka perfected her skills by obtaining her esthetics license and continuing her education. Olenka’s positive attitude and bright personality make those she works on feel at ease, and she specializes in analyzing the skin to target the exact needs of every client.